Natalia Mela - Sculptress
Natalia Mela - Sculptress
Natalia Mela - Sculptress

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Nata's «tools»


IN 1951, NATA MELA got married to Aris Konstantinidis. Five years earlier she had completed her studies and in 1948 she had participated in the first post-war Panhellenic exhibition as well as in an exhibition of the 'Armos' group. She had already received various commissions and had assisted Pikionis in sculpting a burial 'stele' for Bishop Chryssanthos. In other words, she was, at that time, beginning her career as a sculptress. In the first four years of her married life to Aris she gave birth to their two children, Dimitris and Alexandra.

«At that time, I was a mother», she says, «nothing else mattered, only the children. I stopped working for ten years»

I would consider Nata's words rather an overstatement since, in my opinion, this period seems to have been a phase of reflection and incubation and not a fallow and artistically passive phase. It began in 1951-1952, after Nata's second collaboration with Pikionis on the monument to the Fallen Soldier set up at Leontion in Nemea; it ended in 1960 with her three-month stint as a student at the oxy-acetylene welding school in Palio Faliro. She then found herself on the threshold of a new creative phase, the beginning of her mature period.



Jules Dassin and Natalia Mela in 1964, during her solo exhibition
at the "Hilton Gallery"
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