Natalia Mela - Sculptress
Natalia Mela - Sculptress
Natalia Mela - Sculptress

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The exhibition of the sculptress Natalia Konstantinidi-Mela


IT WAS WHEN THE SCULPTRESS began to work on marble figures in relief that she portrayed the guerilla fighters of 1821 in all the glory of their youth and courage. This became a persistent theme that she kept working on throughout her entire working life in her search for a higher level of expression. The extent to which this ideal form matured within her is evident in the work in her last exhibition, in her series of the 'pallekari' [the handsome, brave young men], which I go on to discuss below (...)

In this exhibition Natalia Konstantinidi-Mela presents us with two kinds of exhibits. There are those works which portray that precious theme that nestles deep in her soul, and that will appear and continue to reappear in the future: I mean the timeless Greek symbol, the 'pallekari'.

The other works are abstract forms made up of objects from the ongoing needs of our earthly lives, all made from copper, taken from all the ages of man, from the time of the lame god, Hephaestus, up to now and until the end of our days.



Natalia Mela at her atelier of Mourouzi street
[Photo Natalia Tsoukala 2007)]


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